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    The Artist

    Renowned NZ Sculptor Paul Dibble

    Paul Dibble

    Paul Dibble is a prominent New Zealand sculptor who has been producing art for over 30 years. He is a fourth generation Pakeha New Zealander raised on a farm in Waitakaruru, near Thames.

    Paul has a comprehensive history of making large scale bronze sculptures. These works include 3.5m anchor stones and fishhooks, pounders and torsos, trees and foliage, native flowers and feathers as well as human figures and many abstract forms. As well as many of them being monumental in size, they are often beautifully rendered and inlaid with fine details – rope work and thatching that look optically exact, lettering and names carved into surfaces, kowhaiwhai and navigational patterns and other storytelling devices.

    The Dibble Studio

    The Dibble Studio is a unique set-up for Australasia in which a sculptor works in and oversees his own fully finishing art foundry. It employs art assistants and foundry technicians from a range of backgrounds.

    The main methods used for casting are ceramic shell lost wax and furnace and casting. The studio also employs a local woodworker on a contract basis and a historian for when research is required.

    All images on this page from ‘Paul Dibble: The Large Works’ (Photos: Graeme Brown) (Courtesy of Bateman Publishing)


    A prolific producer of artworks, Paul has been commissioned to produce both private and public pieces. His work stands in schools, galleries, vineyards, hillsides, parks, courtyards, gardens, and streets throughout New Zealand as well as overseas.